Portraits by Charlotte Berry  
Portrait Fees & Process

The Process

Charlotte Berry works from photographs, taken at the initial photo session, generally in the artist's studio. There is a deposit of fifty percent at that time.

After collaboration with the client (either in person or by mail) on the selection of the final pose, the painting begins.

Upon completion and acceptance of the portrait, the balance of the fee is paid.




Portrait Fees: Oil portraits start at $3,500 (one-person, unframed 24" x 30").

Charcoal portraits start at $600 (one person, unframed 22" x 30".

Additional Subjects: There is a 10% discount on each additional subject commissioned at the same time.

Deposit: A deposit amounting to one half of the price is customarily paid at the initial photo-sitting. The balance is due at the completion of the portrait. (It is necessary to add 5% Maryland Retail Sales Tax to portrait sales in Maryland.)

The prices below are for portraits done from photographs taken in the artist's studio.

Deposits on portrait commissions are non-refundable.

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